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+1 405.745.4054
Helix Permanent Jewelry Welder™ Helix Permanent Jewelry Welder™
Helix Permanent Jewelry Welder™ Helix Permanent Jewelry Welder™
Permanent Jewelry Welder Permanent Jewelry Welder
Helix Permanent Jewelry Welder™ Helix Permanent Jewelry Welder™
Helix Permanent Jewelry Welder™ Helix Permanent Jewelry Welder™
Helix Permanent Jewelry Welder™ Helix Permanent Jewelry Welder™
Helix Permanent Jewelry Welder™
Helix Permanent Jewelry Welder™
Permanent Jewelry Welder
Helix Permanent Jewelry Welder™
Helix Permanent Jewelry Welder™
Helix Permanent Jewelry Welder™

Helix Permanent Jewelry Welder™

C$1,957.00 C$2,796.00


Additional payment options available at checkout.

  • Helix
  • Helix + Darkening Screen
  • Premium
  • with Starter Kit
Ships Same Day
Product Name Helix Permanent Jewelry Welder™
Spot Diameter
Microscope Zoom
Energy Range (Joules)

Pepetools ships to most countries worldwide. Domestic Packages are shipped via UPS Standard Ground, 2 Day Express, and Next Day Express. We ship internationally via DHL Express for the best service and rates. We charge fee of $30+ for Canada and $50+ for all other countries. Please note that any assessed duties or local taxes are not included this rate and are the responsibility of the receiver.

About Helix Permanent Jewelry Welder™

Introducing the world's most portable, powerful, and simple to use

Permanent Jewelry Welder™.

The Helix features a robust set of functions creating the perfect weld every time. A 1mm tungsten electrode protrudes from the ergonomic stylus, machined from solid billet aluminum and connected to the pulse-arc weld body via a flexible hose while maintaining enough durability for an easy flow of argon to protect against oxidation.

Upgrade to a Helix

The Helix is a professional permanent jewelry welder at an affordable price. The internal components that make up the PCB boards are of the latest technology, engineered by a brilliant team of scientist to the wishes of permanent jewelry entrepreneurs around the globe. 

Professional Welder, Built to Last.

The Helix is a professional-grade welder designed to excel at every stage of your Permanent Jewelry Entrepreneurship journey. We invite enthusiasts and experts alike to discover the exhilaration of welding the Helix way. Boasting the fastest and most cost-effective welds per unit in the industry, we offer a straightforward, no-nonsense professional system without any frills or gimmicks

Do I need argon with Permanent Jewelry?

The Helix contains an on-demand argon flow feature which only releases a pre-determined amount of argon through the tip of the welding stylus when needed. This feature prevents argon from leaking, eliminating waste. Thanks to an innovative solenoid, the argon tube flows from the argon regulator at a constant rate with very little turbulence, for pinpoint accuracy when in use. While argon can help to deliver a better environment for the weld quality, it is not necessary. The Helix can work without argon - and it is ready to accept argon if you chose to add this later on.

How do I operate the Permanent Jewelry Welder?

A simple three button interface on the front face prevents from accidental power changes compared to touch screen models. A wide range of power settings from 1 joule to 30 joules, with 1 joule (or watt/seconds) to easily weld materials ranging from gold filled, to solid gold, silver, and more. With a digital readout, you can be assured the power setting is accurate. As opposed to a adjustable knob design which can be hard to gauge which power setting you are at - a digital output with single button operation ensures reliable readability when in use.

Equipped with a precise digital readout, users can enjoy the confidence that comes with accurate power calibration. This is a significant upgrade over primitive knob controls, which often suffer from ambiguity and inaccuracy. The digital display ensures that you have clear visibility of your settings, while the single-button operation streamlines your workflow, guaranteeing consistent performance and reliability throughout each weld.

Key advantages include:

  • Accurate Power Range: With settings from 1 to 30 joules, it caters to various welding needs from delicate materials like gold-filled to more robust metals such as stainless steel and copper.
  • Digital Readout: This feature offers exact power calibration, which is a significant step up from the vagueness of traditional knob controls, enhancing your work's precision.
  • User-Friendly Operation: The clear digital display paired with single-button control streamlines the welding process, allowing for a seamless, efficient, and dependable operation.

Professional Performance, Guaranteed.

Ensuring long-term reliability and safety through rigorous safety testing and NRTL accreditation, our power supply is designed for durability and high performance. Helix was developed through extensive field testing, our Permanent Jewelry Welders are engineered to handle a significant number of welds within the highest power parameters, demonstrating robustness that far exceeds industry standards. Additionally, our confidence in the product's longevity is reflected in our unparalleled 3-year warranty, the longest in the business!

Warranty - 1,000,000 Welds

A one million weld or 3 years (whichever comes first), no questions asked warranty with no additional monthly subscription fee required to receive the high level of quality customer service expected from Pepetools. If an issue ever arises, Pepetools does not require the addition of a monthly fee for our unlimited warranty. Our techs are available 7 days a week for training and technical help. If for one reason or another we are unable to troubleshoot the issue over the phone, we will overnight a replacement machine along with a return label. Located in Oklahoma City since 1984, we are a proud US based company with a strong reputation in our industry.


With nearly 40 years in manufacturing a wide range of products for the jewelry, dental, industrial, and various other markets. Pepetools produces an extensive product range from digital rectifiers (power supplies) which power gold, silver, rhodium, etc plating baths, to mechanical products such our forming tools and disc cutters - Pepetools is a highly respected manufacturer known throughout the globe for producing reliable products at an incredible price point. Our products can be found anywhere from 5th avenue in New York to garage hobby shops in Australia - and everywhere in between. We proudly manufacture in Oklahoma City in a state of the art facility with over 20 CNC lathes/mills, surface grinders, and various other proprietary equipment. Check out some of our verified reviews here, and learn more about Pepetools here

Helix Darkening Lens

Innovative, portable, all new design, introducing the optional darkening lens (included with PLUS kit). This is the most unique innovation to hit the Permanent Jewelry world, ever. This stand is durable, contains the largest screen on the market at almost 4" of viewing area, well lit with a enormous amount of bright LED lights illuminating the work area. Under the protective lens, there is plenty of room for your client to place their wrist all while protecting your eyes. The best part, the stand quickly folds down for easy portability. Typical stands require a big amount of area of storage in between events - leading to damage, etc. The Helix Darkening Lens solves this problem with unique engineering, available only from Pepetools. 

Options Available

Helix PJW

The Helix Kit - Premium includes the Helix PJW (professional permanent jewelry welder) as well as the following;

Helix Plus

The Helix + Darkening Screen includes everything in the Helix Kit with the addition of the Helix Darkening Screen. 

Helix Starter Kit

Looking to get everything in one kit to get started? Try the Helix Starter Kit. This kit includes everything in the basic bundle plus the following-

System Specifications

  • 30 power settings from 1 - 30 joules (or watt/seconds)
  • Length from machine body to stylus electrode tip is 45"
  • Super efficient 3300uF Capacitor (state-of-the-art)
  • 1 weld per second
  • 0.5mm - 1.5mm spot size (depending on power setting)
  • Weight - 2lb (0.6kg)
  • Power - 110/220V 
  • Materials it can weld
    • Gold Filled
    • All Karats of Gold
    • Sterling Silver
    • Stainless Steel
    • Platinum
    • Copper
    • Brass
    • Aluminum

Other items you may need

More Information/Trade in

We welcome the opportunity to speak more in-depth directly with you about the Permanent Jewelry Opportunity. Before and after the sale, you can count on Pepetools highly rated customer service team to be there for you. Please click here to arrange a video or phone conference with on of our Micro-Welding Experts at your convenience. We offer a trade in program as well for your old welder. Please fill out the form located here for more information

Product Videos

Watch instructional videos about this product and learn from the masters on best practices.

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Video preview image.
Video preview image.

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