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Polishing & Cleaning

Foredom® H.20® Quick-Change Handpiece

Reg. C$125 C$106 Save C$19

Hone & Highlight™ Tumbling Medium by Rosy Revolver (1LB)

Reg. C$0 C$44 Save C$-44

Wheel Mandrel for Radial Discs 3/32" x 1/16" (12 pack)

Reg. C$0 C$25 Save C$-25

Tiva Clean Electrocleaner (1lb)

Reg. C$19 C$16 Save C$3

Ultrasonic (1.5 Pint) With Heat and Accessories - GEMORO-Pepetools

Reg. C$296 C$235 Save C$61

Ultrasonic (2 Quart) With Heater & Accessories - GEMORO-Pepetools

Reg. C$456 C$359 Save C$97

4 inch Tapered Spindles-Pepetools

Reg. C$0 C$12 Save C$-12

Radial Disc 7/8" Kit (86 piece)-Pepetools

Reg. C$0 C$78 Save C$-78

Radial Disc Assortment Kit - 5/8", 7/8" 1" (83 piece)-Pepetools

Reg. C$0 C$82 Save C$-82

Polimag Magnetic Tumbler-Pepetools

Reg. C$0 C$1,254 Save C$-1,254

5 inch Tapered Spindles-Pepetools

Reg. C$0 C$31 Save C$-31

Radial Disc 5/8" Kit (86 piece)-Pepetools

Reg. C$0 C$77 Save C$-77

Replacement Filters-Pepetools
Replacement Filters

SKU# 332.55

Reg. C$0 C$13 Save C$-13

Tabletop Polishing Machines - ARBE

Reg. C$648 C$601 Save C$47

Knife Edge 7/8" Assortment Kit - 1/16" Arbor (43 piece)-Pepetools

Reg. C$0 C$75 Save C$-75

Single Spindle Compact Benchtop Polishing Machine - ARBE

Reg. C$617 C$525 Save C$92

1" Radial Discs - Yellow - 80 Grit 1/16" Arbor (12 pack)

Reg. C$0 C$19 Save C$-19

Full Size Dust Collector with Motor-Pepetools

Reg. C$673 C$706 Save C$-33

Mid Size Dust Collector-Pepetools

Reg. C$618 C$706 Save C$-88

3M™ Tapered Spindle Mount Adapter 3/8" - Right

Reg. C$7 C$5 Save C$2

Space Saving Dust Collector Cabinet-Pepetools

Sold Out

Full Size Dust Collector Cabinet-Pepetools

Reg. C$0 C$392 Save C$-392

Enclosed Polishing Hood-Pepetools

Reg. C$550 C$476 Save C$74

Euro Polishing Machine-Pepetools

Reg. C$1,297 C$1,202 Save C$95

Compact Euro Polishing Machine-Pepetools

Reg. C$0 C$920 Save C$-920

Split Lap Machine for Flat Lapping-Pepetools

Reg. C$735 C$649 Save C$86

1" Radial Discs - Blue - 400 Grit 1/16" Arbor (12 pack)

Reg. C$0 C$19 Save C$-19

Industrial Duty 1/3 HP motor-Pepetools

Reg. C$0 C$326 Save C$-326

5/8" Radial Bristle Disc - Pack of 12 - 1/16" Arbor

Reg. C$0 C$14 Save C$-14

7/8" Radial Bristle Disc - 1/16" Arbor

Reg. C$0 C$14 Save C$-14

1" Radial Bristle Disc - Pack of 12 - 1/8" Arbor

Reg. C$0 C$19 Save C$-19

Silicone Polishing Starter Kit, Unmounted

Reg. C$0 C$68 Save C$-68