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Foredom tools

Established in 1922, Foredom Electric Co. of Bethel, CT, has maintained continuous manufacturing operations in Connecticut since 1955. Foredom is the leading manufacturer of flexible shaft rotary power tools in the world. From its flagship line of flex shaft machines, to specialized motors, handpieces and bench top attachments and accessories, Foredom tools set the standard in quality, power and performance.

3M™ Tapered Spindle Mount Adapter 3/8" - Right

Reg.C$6 C$5 SaveC$1

Bench Polisher Kit FOREDOM K.3340-Pepetools

Reg.C$367 C$312 SaveC$55

C.EM-1 Table Top Control for 115 Volt Series SR Motors-Pepetools

Reg.C$121 C$103 SaveC$18

Double Motor Hanger with Mounting Clamp - Foredom-Pepetools

Reg.C$85 C$72 SaveC$13

Dual Handpiece Rest - Foredom Workbench System-Pepetools

Reg.C$39 C$33 SaveC$6

Filter Hood for Foredom® Bench Lathe

Reg.C$388 C$330 SaveC$58

Foredom Classic Jewelers Kit with H.30 Handpiece-Pepetools

Reg.C$439 C$373 SaveC$66

Foredom Rotating Bur and Tool Holder - A-10082

Reg.C$30 C$26 SaveC$4

Foredom® H.15D Hammer Handpiece-Pepetools

Reg.C$229 C$195 SaveC$34

Foredom® H.20® Quick-Change Handpiece

Reg.C$120 C$102 SaveC$18

H.15 Hammer Handpiece - Foredom-Pepetools
H.15 Hammer Handpiece - Foredom


Reg.C$187 C$159 SaveC$28

H.28 Slim-line Handpiece, Collet-style Foredom®-Pepetools

Reg.C$0 C$82 SaveC$-82

H.30-C2 Handpiece, Special Edition Blue - FOREDOM-Pepetools

Reg.C$91 C$78 SaveC$13

Jump Ring Maker 2 (JRM2)-Pepetools

Reg.C$357 C$268 SaveC$89

K.2293 PowerGraver Kit Foredom

Reg.C$844 C$717 SaveC$127

LED Light Bar for MAMH-13 Foredom (110V/220V) - MALB-1-Pepetools

Reg.C$198 C$168 SaveC$30

Lion Punch Forge Adapter-Pepetools

Reg.C$0 C$78 SaveC$-78

Foredom LX M.LX Hang-Up Motor with C.EMX-2 Dial Control-Pepetools

Reg.C$387 C$356 SaveC$31

Magnetic Arm for Foredom - MAAH-M-Pepetools

Reg.C$0 C$136 SaveC$-136

Pearl Drilling Jig-Pepetools
Pearl Drilling Jig

SKU# 311.00

Reg.C$0 C$297 SaveC$-297

Rotary Tumbler w/ Digital Read Out FOREDOM-Pepetools

Reg.C$524 C$446 SaveC$78

Rotating Bur and Tool Holder - Foredom

Reg.C$0 C$28 SaveC$-28

Shelf Arm For Foredom System - Choice of 3 Sizes-Pepetools

Reg.C$0 C$84 SaveC$-84

Threaded Anvil Points Foredom 6 Piece Kit

Reg.C$98 C$83 SaveC$15