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Bench Tools

Superior Ring Bending Tool-Pepetools

Reg. C$0 C$373 Save C$-373

NANO Jeweler's Saw Blades (144 blades)-Pepetools

Reg. C$0 C$30 Save C$-30

Haymaker Saw by Lion Punch Forge 🤫-Pepetools

Reg. C$124 C$106 Save C$18

Lion Punch Forge Adapter-Pepetools

Reg. C$0 C$82 Save C$-82

ErgoLast Titanium Solder Pick-Pepetools

Reg. C$0 C$44 Save C$-44

"Rosy Revolver" Flat Back, Open Ring, Forming Mandrel

Reg. C$0 C$78 Save C$-78

PepeLube Cut Lubricant-Pepetools
PepeLube Cut Lubricant

SKU# 307.50B

Reg. C$0 C$13 Save C$-13

Titanium Soldering Pick-Pepetools

Reg. C$0 C$20 Save C$-20

Jump Ring Maker 2 (JRM2)-Pepetools

Reg. C$374 C$281 Save C$93

Round Graver (1.5") for LPFG-Pepetools

Reg. C$0 C$16 Save C$-16

KERF Saw Blade Organizer & Dispenser

Reg. C$0 C$37 Save C$-37

Flat Graver (1.5") for LPFG 2.3MM Square Shank-Pepetools

Reg. C$0 C$14 Save C$-14

Square 1.5" HSS Graver for LPFG-Pepetools

Reg. C$0 C$13 Save C$-13

JRM2 Standard Blade TiN Coated "Goldies" 1.25"-Pepetools

Reg. C$0 C$23 Save C$-23

130 mm Combination Ultra Mill with Ductile Frame-Pepetools

Reg. C$0 C$1,016 Save C$-1,016

Foredom Classic Jewelers Kit with H.30 Handpiece-Pepetools

Reg. C$461 C$392 Save C$69

Pen Plating Solution (Rose Gold, 14K, 18k, 24K) Cyanide Free-Pepetools

Reg. C$156 C$131 Save C$25

Steel Mandrel - Gold Standard-Pepetools

Reg. C$0 C$37 Save C$-37

JRM2 Large Blade TiN Coated "Goldies" 1.5"-Pepetools

Reg. C$0 C$30 Save C$-30

4" Guillotine Shear - Made in USA-Pepetools

Reg. C$692 C$636 Save C$56

Ring Clamp-Pepetools

Reg. C$0 C$49 Save C$-49

3D Printer Center Positioning Die Holder for Disc Cutter

Reg. C$40 C$32 Save C$8

Copper Sheet (Various Sizes)-Pepetools

Reg. C$0 C$63 Save C$-63

NANO Jeweler's Saw Blades (12 blades)

Reg. C$0 C$8 Save C$-8

Ring Bender Die & Post Holder - 3D Printed

Reg. C$0 C$44 Save C$-44

Jump Ring Mandrels - Set of 20 (Or Individual)-Pepetools

Reg. C$0 C$74 Save C$-74

Sparex No. 2 Pickling Compound (2.5LB or 10oz)-Pepetools

Reg. C$19 C$9 Save C$10

Foredom® H.20® Quick-Change Handpiece

Reg. C$126 C$107 Save C$19

Felt Plating Pen Tips (Bullet or Fine)

Reg. C$0 C$13 Save C$-13

Basic Smith® Little Torch™ All-Fuels System with Five Tips

Reg. C$232 C$211 Save C$21

Digital Pen Plating Station-Pepetools

Reg. C$406 C$306 Save C$100

Pepetools Gift Card ($100 - $1,000)

Reg. C$0 C$124.64 Save C$-124.64

Ring Shank Bending Tool

Reg. C$250 C$244 Save C$6

Carbide Soldering Pick with "StayCool" Aluminum Handle-Pepetools

Reg. C$0 C$23 Save C$-23

Individual Dapping Punches-Pepetools

Reg. C$0 C$13 Save C$-13

Pen Plating Starter Kit-Pepetools
Pen Plating Starter Kit

SKU# 272.00_SK14

Reg. C$499 C$460 Save C$39

90 mm Combination Ultra Mill-Pepetools

Reg. C$0 C$817 Save C$-817

Optional Delrin Dies for Superior Ring Bending Tool-Pepetools

Reg. C$0 C$79 Save C$-79

301.00 Pepetools Ring Bender Replacement Handle

Reg. C$0 C$23 Save C$-23

High Speed Steel (HSS) Drill - Wire Gauge-Pepetools

Reg. C$0 C$13 Save C$-13

Natural Cleaner (Non-Toxic Foam)-Pepetools

Reg. C$16 C$13 Save C$3

Foredom® H.15D Hammer Handpiece-Pepetools

Reg. C$240 C$204 Save C$36

Adjustable Ingot Molds (Flat Sheet)

Reg. C$0 C$59 Save C$-59

110MM Combination Ultra Mill-Pepetools

Reg. C$0 C$917 Save C$-917

Square Bezel Mandrel (10MM - 3.5MM)-Pepetools

Reg. C$0 C$49 Save C$-49

black wooden work table on caster wheels
Rolling Mill Work Table

SKU# 189.WT-G

Reg. C$0 C$437 Save C$-437

Square Graduated Steel Mandrel-Pepetools

Reg. C$0 C$40 Save C$-40

Plating Pen-Pepetools

Reg. C$0 C$86 Save C$-86

Individual Nichrome Wax Worker Tips-Pepetools

Reg. C$0 C$16 Save C$-16