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Innovative propriety technology sets the industry standard.

Digital Pen Plating Station

Reg. C$405 C$305 Save C$100

Plating Pen and 2 Leads (Alligator Clip & Banana Plug)

Reg. C$0 C$86 Save C$-86

Pen Plating Starter Kit
Pen Plating Starter Kit

SKU# 272.00_SK14

Reg. C$498 C$459 Save C$39

Pen Plating Solution (Rose Gold, 14K, 18k, 24K) Cyanide Free

Reg. C$156 C$131 Save C$25

Rose Gold (Pink) Pen Plating Solution

Reg. C$0 C$218 Save C$-218

EarthCoat Cyanide Free Bath Plating Solutions 1 Quart Bottles

Reg. C$0 C$311 Save C$-311

SuperBlack & Superbrite PEN Plating Solutions

Reg. C$0 C$1,244 Save C$-1,244

Sparex No. 2 Pickling Compound (10z, 2.5LB or 45lb)

Reg. C$19 C$9 Save C$10

Tiva Clean Electrocleaner (1lb)

Reg. C$19 C$16 Save C$3

Intelligent Plating System - Programmable Rectifiers by Pepetools

Reg. C$0 C$758 Save C$-758

Programmable 60 Amp Digital Rectifier

Reg. C$0 C$2,052 Save C$-2,052

MixAmatic/Thermomatic Magnetic Mixer & Immersion Heater

Reg. C$0 C$684 Save C$-684

MixAmatic Magnetic Mixer

Reg. C$0 C$247 Save C$-247

Platinized Titanium Anode

Reg. C$0 C$100 Save C$-100

Copper Plating Anode
Copper Plating Anode

SKU# 383.40

Reg. C$0 C$27 Save C$-27

Nickle Anode
Nickle Anode

SKU# 383.30

Reg. C$0 C$37 Save C$-37

Stainless Steel Anode
Stainless Steel Anode

SKU# 383.10

Reg. C$0 C$23 Save C$-23

Felt Plating Pen Tips (Bullet or Fine)

Reg. C$0 C$13 Save C$-13

Cohler Superbrite Rhodium "White Gold" Bath Plating Solution

Reg. C$585 C$529 Save C$56

Nickel Mirror Cohler Cyanide Free Plating Solution 1 Quart

Reg. C$0 C$53 Save C$-53

Palladium Plating - PALLABRITE MIRROR - Cyanide Free 1 Quart

Reg. C$0 C$622 Save C$-622

Digital Precision Plating Rectifier - 80amp

Reg. C$0 C$2,425 Save C$-2,425