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Pepetools manufacturers cutting tools using hardened high grades of steel to last a lifetime. With proper care these tools can last generations.

4" Guillotine Shear - Made in USA-Pepetools

Reg. C$686 C$630 Save C$56

6" Designer Series Guillotine Shear-Pepetools

Reg. C$1,482 C$1,414 Save C$68

Premium Disc Cutting Kit-Pepetools

Reg. C$340 C$315 Save C$25

Oval (Cabochon) Disc Cutter, 6 sizes included-Pepetools

Reg. C$0 C$392 Save C$-392

Center Positioning Dies-Pepetools

Reg. C$0 C$73 Save C$-73

Red Precision Urethane Cutting Pad-Pepetools

Reg. C$31 C$18 Save C$13

JRM2 Large Blade TiN Coated "Goldies" 1.5"-Pepetools

Reg. C$0 C$30 Save C$-30

JRM2 Standard Blade TiN Coated "Goldies" 1.25"-Pepetools

Reg. C$0 C$23 Save C$-23

JRM Blade 1-1/4"-Pepetools
JRM Blade 1-1/4"

SKU# 307.20

Sold Out

JRM2 Blade 1 1/2"-Pepetools
JRM2 Blade 1 1/2"

SKU# 307.40

Reg. C$0 C$26 Save C$-26

Individual Dapping Cutters-Pepetools

Reg. C$0 C$567 Save C$-567

Heavy Duty Bench Shears 6"-Pepetools

Reg. C$0 C$772 Save C$-772

Heavy Duty Bench Shear 8"-Pepetools

Sold Out

1 1/2" & 1 5/8" Diameter Disc Cutter Set-Pepetools

Reg. C$0 C$247 Save C$-247

Extra Large Disc Cutter Sets-Pepetools

Reg. C$0 C$247 Save C$-247

22 Piece Dapping Cutter Set-Pepetools

Reg. C$0 C$241 Save C$-241

12" Guillotine Shear-Pepetools
12" Guillotine Shear

SKU# 196.91

Sold Out

6" Guillotine Shear-Pepetools
6" Guillotine Shear

SKU# 196.90

Sold Out

4" Guillotine Shear-Pepetools
4" Guillotine Shear

SKU# 196.70

Sold Out

Tube Cutting Jig-Pepetools
Tube Cutting Jig

SKU# 309.00

Sold Out

Combination Disc Cutter Set-Pepetools

Sold Out

Large Disc Cutter Set-Pepetools
Large Disc Cutter Set

SKU# 195.10

Sold Out

Small Disc Cutter Set-Pepetools
Small Disc Cutter Set

SKU# 194.10

Sold Out

2lb Brass-Head Mallet (For Disc Cutters)

Reg. C$0 C$36 Save C$-36

NANO Jeweler's Saw Blades (144 blades)-Pepetools

Reg. C$0 C$30 Save C$-30

3D Printer Center Positioning Die Holder for Disc Cutter

Reg. C$40 C$31 Save C$9

Oval Disc Cutter Centering Dies

Reg. C$75 C$75 Save C$0

Haymaker Saw by Lion Punch Forge 🤫-Pepetools

Reg. C$123 C$105 Save C$18

NANO Jeweler's Saw Blades (12 blades)

Reg. C$0 C$8 Save C$-8

Green Lion Punch Forge Saw

Reg. C$123 C$123 Save C$0