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250s Pulse Arc Welder - Orion-Pepetools 250s Pulse Arc Welder - Orion-Pepetools
250s Pulse Arc Welder - Orion-Pepetools

250s Pulse Arc Welder - Orion

C$7,990.00 C$8,347.00


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Product Name250s Pulse Arc Welder - Orion
Country of OriginUSA
Spot Diameter0.5 - 3.5 mm
Weight20 lbs
Microscope Zoom5x
Energy Range (Joules)

Pepetools ships to most countries worldwide. Domestic Packages are shipped via UPS Standard Ground, 2 Day Express, and Next Day Express. We ship internationally via DHL Express for the best service and rates. We charge fee of $30+ for Canada and $50+ for all other countries. Please note that any assessed duties or local taxes are not included this rate and are the responsibility of the receiver.

About 250s Pulse Arc Welder - Orion

The Precision Welding Technology You Need!

The Orion 250s is the ideal welding tool that every metalsmith should have. Save time doing simple and complicated work such as butt joints, filling porosity, adding metal, attaching different size pieces, or any other application you may encounter. Increase efficiency with this easy to use system!

The Orion s Series boasts a power potential of up to 250 joules of pulse-arc weld energy. While powerful, the s Series is perfect for low power needs as well—yielding as little as 1 joule of energy. Even with such a large range in power, full control is maintained as the s Series is adjustable in 0.2 joule increments. Whether an application requires high power welding needs or intricate, precise welds around precious components, the Orion s Series offers a versatile, compact, and affordable jewelry welder system in an easy-to-use package.

How Does it Work?

Electrical Energy – Plasma Discharge

Pulse Arc welding uses electrical energy to create a plasma discharge.  The high-temperature plasma, in turn, melts metal in a small spot.  This process takes place in milliseconds.  The process is clean and very controllable – perfect for intricate and minute welding applications on precious and non-precious metals!. Filler metal can also be added to build up joints and create strong and reliable weld “beads”, or weld seams.

Two in One Combo

The Orion is a pulse-arc welder and a capacitive discharge resistance welder in one. This combination of abilities allows for infinite creative possibilities. In its Tack Mode, the Orion can be used to temporarily position parts before welding or soldering. In its Pulse Arc Mode, the Orion can be used to perform permanent welds, add metal, and do a variety of other amazing and time-saving applications.

Why Buy an Orion 250s?

Precision and Power

Select power in 0.2 Ws increments up to 250 Ws —That’s over 1000 available power settings! Weld spot sizes range from microns all the way up to 3.5mm.  Whatever it is you weld, Orion has the power to get the job done precisely.

Adaptive Weld Ignition™

This technology prolongs the life of the electrode by monitoring and lifting the electrode prior to releasing the weld. This safeguards the electrode from misfires and sticking to the workpiece. In turn, you spend more time welding and less time sharpening an electrode.

Weld Speed Modes

Take control of the speed of your system. Select one of two modes — single (1 weld p/sec) or rapid (up to 5 welds p/sec) and keep the work pace at the speed you want—not where the welder dictates.

Full Touch Screen

The Orion touch screen gives you complete control of your welder with an easy to use interface. No knobs or dials, just one touch access to everything you need including a multimedia page full of instructional videos and documents. This makes our welders intuitive to use and easily upgradeable for future features as they are released in free software updates.   

Highest Quality Standards

When you purchase an Orion 250s, take confidence in knowing that it was designed, produced, and assembled to the highest quality standards in the industry—in other words, it’s the best you can buy.

Superior Customer Service

Before, during, and after the sale, we want to be your resource for years to come. We guarantee that every interaction with our company will be courteous and friendly in answering your questions or helping in any way we can.


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Spot Diameter

0.5 - 3.5 mm

Spot Diameter

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Spot Diameter

1 - 1.5 mm

Spot Diameter

0.1 - 4.5 mm

Spot Diameter

0.5 - 3.5 mm


20 lbs


7.5 lbs


50 lbs


33 lbs


23 lbs
Microscope Zoom

Microscope Zoom


Microscope Zoom


Microscope Zoom


Microscope Zoom


Microscope Zoom

Energy Range (Joules)

Energy Range (Joules)


Energy Range (Joules)

3-100 J

Energy Range (Joules)

3-30 J

Energy Range (Joules)

0.1 - 4.5mm

Energy Range (Joules)

1-150 J
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