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30 Punch Dapping Set-Pepetools 30 Punch Dapping Set-Pepetools
30 Punch Dapping Set-Pepetools

30 Punch Dapping Set


SKU#: 228.30

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Product Name30 Punch Dapping Set
Country of OriginUSA

Pepetools ships to most countries worldwide. Domestic Packages are shipped via UPS Standard Ground, 2 Day Express, and Next Day Express. We ship internationally via DHL Express for the best service and rates. We charge fee of $30+ for Canada and $50+ for all other countries. Please note that any assessed duties or local taxes are not included this rate and are the responsibility of the receiver.

About 30 Punch Dapping Set

Set of 30 Punches wood base provided with set

  • Inches: 7/64" to 2"
  • Millimeters: 2.8mm to 50.8mm

Our precision made highly polished dapping punches are made from tool steel and hardened to 50 RC on both hit and work ends. Pepetools unique tempering method leaves the shank of the punch at mill hardness, this allows the handle to absorb the shock and prevent crystallization of the metal. Our unique hardening technique enhances the performance and life of the tool.

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