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Geoff, the VegOilGuy is the genius behind the hit YouTube channel VOG
With over 50,000 subscribers and over 5,000,000 views. 
Geoff describes himself as someone who would rather make something than buy it, he has the true heart of a maker. Check out a collection of some of the tools used in his video!

Tabletop Vacuum Investing and Casting Machine System-Pepetools

Reg.C$2,206 C$1,390 SaveC$816

Extra-Wide Silver-Finish Jeweler's LED Task Lamp with USB Port-Pepetools

Reg.C$269 C$238 SaveC$31

Foredom Classic Jewelers Kit with H.30 Handpiece-Pepetools

Reg.C$441 C$375 SaveC$66

Foredom LX M.LX Hang-Up Motor with C.EMX-2 Dial Control-Pepetools

Reg.C$388 C$357 SaveC$31

Lion Punch Forge Adapter-Pepetools

Reg.C$0 C$78 SaveC$-78

Jump Ring Maker 2 (JRM2)-Pepetools

Reg.C$358 C$269 SaveC$89

Threaded Anvil Points Foredom 6 Piece Kit

Reg.C$98 C$84 SaveC$14

H.15 Hammer Handpiece - Foredom-Pepetools
H.15 Hammer Handpiece - Foredom


Reg.C$188 C$160 SaveC$28

Foredom® H.20® Quick-Change Handpiece

Reg.C$120 C$102 SaveC$18

H.30-C2 Handpiece, Special Edition Blue - FOREDOM-Pepetools

Reg.C$92 C$78 SaveC$14

Foredom® H.15D Hammer Handpiece-Pepetools

Reg.C$230 C$196 SaveC$34

LED Light Bar for MAMH-13 Foredom (110V/220V) - MALB-1-Pepetools

Reg.C$199 C$169 SaveC$30

C.EM-1 Table Top Control for 115 Volt Series SR Motors-Pepetools

Reg.C$122 C$104 SaveC$18

Double Motor Hanger with Mounting Clamp - Foredom-Pepetools

Reg.C$85 C$73 SaveC$12

Rotary Tumbler w/ Digital Read Out FOREDOM-Pepetools

Reg.C$526 C$447 SaveC$79

Dual Handpiece Rest - Foredom Workbench System-Pepetools

Reg.C$39 C$33 SaveC$6

Pearl Drilling Jig-Pepetools
Pearl Drilling Jig

SKU# 311.00

Reg.C$0 C$299 SaveC$-299

Magnetic Arm for Foredom - MAAH-M-Pepetools

Reg.C$0 C$136 SaveC$-136

Shelf Arm For Foredom System - Choice of 3 Sizes-Pepetools

Reg.C$0 C$85 SaveC$-85

K.2293 PowerGraver Kit Foredom

Reg.C$847 C$720 SaveC$127

H.28 Slim-line Handpiece, Collet-style Foredom®-Pepetools

Reg.C$0 C$82 SaveC$-82

Bench Polisher Kit FOREDOM K.3340-Pepetools

Reg.C$368 C$313 SaveC$55

Enclosed Polishing Hood-Pepetools

Reg.C$531 C$460 SaveC$71

Silent 6 Gallon Oil-Free Air Compressor-Pepetools

Reg.C$716 C$674 SaveC$42

1 1/3 QT Mini Wax Injector - Hand Pump

Reg.C$652 C$631 SaveC$21

3M™ Tapered Spindle Mount Adapter 3/8" - Right

Reg.C$6 C$5 SaveC$1

Tabletop Polishing Machines - ARBE

Reg.C$567 C$524 SaveC$43

Foredom Rotating Bur and Tool Holder - A-10082

Reg.C$30 C$26 SaveC$4

Rotating Bur and Tool Holder - Foredom

Reg.C$0 C$29 SaveC$-29

Filter Hood for Foredom® Bench Lathe

Reg.C$390 C$331 SaveC$59