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Organization and Storage

Pepetools is proud to announce an exclusive collaboration with the world renown Gerstner & Sons

M24 Oak 3-Drawer Mid-Base

Reg.C$0 C$356 SaveC$-356

T24 Oak 11-Drawer Chest

Reg.C$0 C$511 SaveC$-511

T24-M24 Chest and Mid-Base Combo

Reg.C$0 C$866 SaveC$-866

T20 Oak 9-Drawer Chest

Reg.C$0 C$380 SaveC$-380

T-16 Mighty Portable Oak 6-Drawer Chest.

Reg.C$0 C$356 SaveC$-356

The T-12 Mini Portable Chest

Reg.C$0 C$201 SaveC$-201

T20-M20 Chest and Mid-Base Combo

Sold Out

T22 Oak 11-Drawer Chest

Reg.C$0 C$713 SaveC$-713

T20A Oak 5-Drawer Top Chest - Gerstner

Reg.C$0 C$380 SaveC$-380