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New Products

Pepetools latest prodcuts!

"Rosy Revolver" Flat Back, Open Ring, Forming Mandrel

Reg.C$0 C$74 SaveC$-74

NANO Jeweler's Saw Blades (144 blades)-Pepetools

Reg.C$0 C$29 SaveC$-29

Oval (Cabochon) Disc Cutter, 6 sizes included-Pepetools

Reg.C$0 C$377 SaveC$-377

Oval Disc Cutter Centering Dies

Reg.C$72 C$72 SaveC$0

TouchAmatic Wax Worker with 4 Tips-Pepetools

Reg.C$476 C$387 SaveC$89

Haymaker Saw by Lion Punch Forge 🤫-Pepetools

Reg.C$118 C$90 SaveC$28

6" Designer Series Guillotine Shear-Pepetools

Reg.C$1,427 C$1,362 SaveC$65

KERF Saw Blade Organizer & Dispenser

Reg.C$0 C$35 SaveC$-35

Lion Punch Forge Adapter-Pepetools

Reg.C$0 C$78 SaveC$-78

Lions Claw Gold Edition - Soldering Tool-Pepetools

Reg.C$0 C$113 SaveC$-113

Stamping Block (Premium Bench Block 6" x 6")-Pepetools

Reg.C$0 C$118 SaveC$-118

Coin Ring Reducing Die (Designed by Skyler Jenkins)-Pepetools

Reg.C$0 C$137 SaveC$-137

Triangle Mill-Pepetools
Triangle Mill

SKU# 187.TR

Reg.C$0 C$654 SaveC$-654

Natural Cleaner (Non-Toxic Foam)-Pepetools

Reg.C$15 C$12 SaveC$3

Superior Ring Bending Tool-Pepetools

Reg.C$0 C$356 SaveC$-356

JRM2 Large Blade TiN Coated "Goldies" 1.5"-Pepetools

Reg.C$0 C$29 SaveC$-29

All Square Wire & Flat ULTRA Series Power Mill "Cuban Link"-Pepetools

Reg.C$0 C$4,341 SaveC$-4,341

Copper Sheet (Various Sizes)-Pepetools

Reg.C$0 C$30 SaveC$-30

Rectangle Bezel Mandrel (8x10MM - 1.75x3MM)-Pepetools

Reg.C$0 C$47 SaveC$-47

High Speed Steel (HSS) Drill - Wire Gauge-Pepetools

Reg.C$0 C$12 SaveC$-12

Extra Large Mandrel Size 20 - 26 US-Pepetools

Reg.C$0 C$47 SaveC$-47

Stainless Steel Anode
Stainless Steel Anode

SKU# 383.10

Reg.C$0 C$20 SaveC$-20

Triangle Bezel Mandrel (3.5 to 9.5mm)-Pepetools

Reg.C$0 C$47 SaveC$-47

JRM2 Standard Blade TiN Coated "Goldies" 1.25"-Pepetools

Reg.C$0 C$22 SaveC$-22

Copper Plating Anode
Copper Plating Anode

SKU# 383.40

Reg.C$0 C$22 SaveC$-22

Platinized Titanium Anode

Reg.C$0 C$77 SaveC$-77

160 mm All Wire Ultra Mill with Ductile Frame X-DRIVE-Pepetools

Reg.C$0 C$4,362 SaveC$-4,362

Steel Mandrel - Gold Standard-Pepetools

Reg.C$0 C$35 SaveC$-35

160MM Flat Ultra Mill with Ductile Frame-Pepetools

Reg.C$0 C$1,224 SaveC$-1,224

Premium Disc Cutting Kit-Pepetools

Reg.C$327 C$285 SaveC$42

Reducing Die & Push Rod for Ring Stretcher (DELRIN)-Pepetools

Reg.C$119 C$102 SaveC$17

Wax Worker Replacement Pen-Pepetools

Reg.C$0 C$72 SaveC$-72

Plating Pen-Pepetools
Plating Pen

SKU# 272.80N

Reg.C$0 C$83 SaveC$-83

Digital Pen Plating Station-Pepetools

Reg.C$387 C$292 SaveC$95

Square Bezel Mandrel (10MM - 3.5MM)-Pepetools

Reg.C$0 C$47 SaveC$-47

Sparex No. 2 Pickling Compound (2.5LB or 10oz)-Pepetools

Reg.C$18 C$9 SaveC$9

Tiva Clean Electrocleaner (1lb)

Reg.C$18 C$12 SaveC$6