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Great additions to your collection of Pepetools products!

Lion Punch Forge Adapter-Pepetools

Reg.C$0 C$78 SaveC$-78

Square 1.5" HSS Graver for LPFG-Pepetools

Reg.C$0 C$12 SaveC$-12

Round Graver (1.5") for LPFG-Pepetools

Reg.C$0 C$15 SaveC$-15

Flat Graver (1.5") for LPFG 2.3MM Square Shank-Pepetools

Reg.C$0 C$13 SaveC$-13

Standard Vulcanizer w/ Heat Control (110V/220V)- arbe durabull - Pepetools

Reg.C$954 C$895 SaveC$59

Copper Sheet (Various Sizes)-Pepetools

Reg.C$0 C$30 SaveC$-30

Foredom® H.15D Hammer Handpiece-Pepetools

Reg.C$230 C$196 SaveC$34

H.15 Hammer Handpiece - Foredom-Pepetools
H.15 Hammer Handpiece - Foredom


Reg.C$188 C$160 SaveC$28

H.30-C2 Handpiece, Special Edition Blue - FOREDOM-Pepetools

Reg.C$92 C$78 SaveC$14

Foredom Classic Jewelers Kit with H.30 Handpiece-Pepetools

Reg.C$441 C$375 SaveC$66

Foredom LX M.LX Hang-Up Motor with C.EMX-2 Dial Control-Pepetools

Reg.C$388 C$357 SaveC$31

C.EM-1 Table Top Control for 115 Volt Series SR Motors-Pepetools

Reg.C$122 C$104 SaveC$18

LED Light Bar for MAMH-13 Foredom (110V/220V) - MALB-1-Pepetools

Reg.C$199 C$169 SaveC$30

Threaded Anvil Points Foredom 6 Piece Kit

Reg.C$98 C$84 SaveC$14

2lb Brass-Head Mallet (For Disc Cutters)

Reg.C$0 C$35 SaveC$-35

Bench Polisher Kit FOREDOM K.3340-Pepetools

Reg.C$368 C$313 SaveC$55

Foredom® H.20® Quick-Change Handpiece

Reg.C$120 C$102 SaveC$18

Extra-Wide Silver-Finish Jeweler's LED Task Lamp with USB Port-Pepetools

Reg.C$269 C$238 SaveC$31

Pepetools Gift Card ($100 - $1,000)-Pepetools

Reg.C$0 C$23.85 SaveC$-23.85

Combo Gear for All Rolling Mills-Pepetools

Reg.C$0 C$42 SaveC$-42

High Speed Steel (HSS) Drill - Wire Gauge-Pepetools

Reg.C$0 C$12 SaveC$-12

Rotary Tumbler w/ Digital Read Out FOREDOM-Pepetools

Reg.C$526 C$447 SaveC$79

H.28 Slim-line Handpiece, Collet-style Foredom®-Pepetools

Reg.C$0 C$82 SaveC$-82

Tabletop Vacuum Investing and Casting Machine System-Pepetools

Reg.C$2,206 C$1,390 SaveC$816

Nano Diameter Ring Bender Optional Set (6mm - 10mm)-Pepetools

Reg.C$0 C$221 SaveC$-221

Haymaker Saw by Lion Punch Forge 🤫-Pepetools

Reg.C$119 C$90 SaveC$29

1-1/3 Quart Air-Pressure Wax Injector - ARBE-Pepetools

Reg.C$519 C$519 SaveC$0

Belt Sander - Flexshaft Attachment-Pepetools

Reg.C$274 C$239 SaveC$35

T20 Oak 9-Drawer Chest

Reg.C$0 C$381 SaveC$-381

Laser Texture Paper for Rolling Mills (Pack of 10)

Reg.C$31 C$21 SaveC$10

Ring Bender Die & Post Holder - 3D Printed

Reg.C$0 C$42 SaveC$-42

T20A Oak 5-Drawer Top Chest - Gerstner

Reg.C$0 C$381 SaveC$-381

Green Lion Punch Forge Saw

Reg.C$119 C$119 SaveC$0