• Permanent Jewelry Welder Power Settings for Jump Rings

    This guide is a reference point. There are variables that can affect the power setting used on each size jump ring and the base material. With or without argon may need to adjust the power setting up or down by one joule.  
  • Permanent Jewelry Tips & Tricks

    Q. What are the best size jump rings to use for permanent jewelry? A common question we get asked and it depends on a few factors. The most import...
  • Renee Ford - Profile of a Maker

    Renee Busdiecker of Renee Ford Metals is a full-time studio jeweler, metalsmith, instructor and mentor living in Nashville, Tennessee. She has shown her work at fine craft galleries, jewelry stores and online for over 20 years. She also sells her work traveling to various fine craft shows throughout the US.
  • Soldering Blocks - Charcoal Block vs Honeycomb and how to use

    How to chose the right soldering block for your needs. Ceramic, Refractory, Compressed charcoal. We explain the advantages of each.
  • Pepetools in Tucson 2024

    Pepetools is proud to be back in Tucson in 2024. This year we will be at a new venue conveniently located in Downtown Tucson near the historic St A...
  • How to Polish Silver Jewelry- Tips and Advice.

    Polishing Jewelry. When making Jewellery, the thing that often matters is the all-important polishing. The final stage which gives the Jewellery its high shine and brings out the qualities of the precious metal. Here we show you the tools and equipment available to give you maximum results, with minimum effort.
  • Jewelry Making Class in Oklahoma City ft Danny Wade

    Introducing an exciting new studio in Oklahoma City, Cheyenne Sky. Owned by local instructor Taylor Martin, this new space is growing into one of t...
  • Gold Filled Sheet, Wire, and Chain - Whats is it? Tips & Tricks.

    With the cost of gold becoming more and more expensive, jewelry manufacturers and crafters are now using alternatives to create items that have the look and feel of real. A popular option is "Gold Filled", but what is is and how do you use it? Here, we explain all you need to know.
  • How to prepare and use a charcoal block.

    Pepetools offer a range of super quality compressed charcoal blocks for soldering. Here we share some tips and tricks to get the best results and long life from your blocks.
  • Pepetools Tucson 2023 Show Guide

    Pepetools is proud to be in Tucson for the 2023 Gem Show! Come see your favorite tools from Pepetools including rolling mills, disc cutters, Hayma...
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