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How to Start a Permanent Jewelry Business

How to Start a Permanent Jewelry Business

How to Start a Permanent Jewelry Business

Have you always been passionate about jewelry, current jewelry trends, and permanent jewelry creation? Are you interested in starting your own permanent jewelry business and not sure where to begin on your entrepreneurship journey?

There may be a lot of topics to learn about as you start your research. Uncovering the steps to starting your own business may seem like information overload–where do you start? This Pepetools blog post will help you pursue your passion project and turn what you love into a source of income with professionalism and expertise.

Table of Contents

What is Permanent Jewelry?

Even though permanent jewelry contains the word permanent, it does not puncture the skin. Permanent jewelry is not a type of piercing and it does not penetrate the skin or other parts of the body.

Permanent jewelry is welded together from end to end, commonly using different chain link styles. Custom-made for every person, permanent jewelry offers effortless chic style, elegance, and a touch of glamor without the wearer having to fumble with a lock or clasp.

Types of Permanent Jewelry

Permanent jewelry may be an anklet, bracelet, or necklace, and is sometimes called a forever bracelet, forever necklace, or forever anklet. Celebrate your best friend, or family member relationships, or indulge in something beautiful just for you with permanent jewelry.

Products & Tools Needed for Your Permanent Jewelry Business

What products do you need for starting a permanent jewelry business? Pepetools offers different tools needed to start your own permanent jewelry business.

Jeweler’s Tools

We have compiled a list of Permanent Jewelry Tools here, helping you on the exciting and creative path to success.

Pliers & Wire Cutters

Pliers are a must-have for properly manipulating metal wires and chains. Did you know there are different types of pliers to suit your needs and work? Round-nose pliers, flat-nose pliers, and chain-nose pliers for bending and shaping create a smoother silhouette overall. Wire cutters cut through metal and chains with the precision needed to ensure a smooth start and finish to any permanent jewelry design. Make sure to check out our selection of cutters here: Cutters & Pliers.

Permanent Jewelry Welder - Pulse Arc Micro Welders

Precision welding with the most modern and up-to-date technology ensures you will succeed effortlessly. We are proud to offer the Helix Permanent Jewelry Welder™. The Helix welder is considered the world's most portable, powerful, and simple-to-use welder with a digitized screen and different functions for a successful and beautiful permanent jewelry creation. Check out all the details on our website. See the unboxing video here on our official Instagram page.

Micro TIG Welding Electrodes for Pulse Arc Welders + Permanent Jewelry

Close jump rings and finish your permanent jewelry design with our in-house made and designed electrodes. Applicable for 14k gold, sterling silver, gold-filled, copper, and other precious metal materials. Made in USA, use only high quality electrodes for premium, optimized welding results

Grounded Precision Locking Tweezers for Permanent Jewelry Welders

Manufactured by Pepetools in the USA, these tweezers are ideal for precise, permanent jewelry design. The premium INOX stainless steel makes them rust-resistant and durable, plus a non-reflective satin finish offers clear visibility with diamond-coated serrated tips. The ergonomic slide-lock mechanism prevents hand fatigue as you work. The 3-foot banana plug jack ensures compatibility with any permanent jewelry welder.

Jump Rings, Connectors & Charms

Jump rings are small rings that connect chains, charms, and other findings complementing your design without taking away from it. Our jump ring catalog offers different sizes, metal types, and metal colors for your convenience. Check out some of our Jump Rings here.


Connectors are often decorative in the form of a charm-like ornament. For example, our beautiful Sky Blue Flakes Opal Connector in Gold Filled for Permanent Jewelry, 4mm, 14k Gold Fill makes the ultimate complement to our catalog of gold chains. Check out some of our other listings here: Pepe Permanent Jewelry Connector Collection.


Charms offer a unique detail to your permanent jewelry design, giving the chain even more charm! Our high-quality, bespoke charms accent various chain types with a dose of shine and personality. Allow your customers to choose which charm they prefer with a selection of charms.


Chains are a must when it comes to making permanent jewelry. Having a selection of chain-style links, fine metals, and chain weights gives the customer more to choose from; purchasing spools of chains and cutting the personalized size makes it easy and professional. Check out our large selection of chains here: Pepe Tools Chain Selection.

For more information on how you can get started with the right tools, check out our catalog of products needed for Permanent Jewelry.

Steps to Starting Your Own Permanent Jewelry Business Legally

Not sure how to get started with your permanent jewelry business? The following paragraph offers suggestions sprinkled with our own tips and tricks.

There are several resources online breaking down all the information you need for starting your own business. The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) compiles the process into 10 general steps, offering easy-to-follow guidance. Clicking on the links on the official website provides even more steps needed for your business with a plethora of information at your fingertips.

  1. Conduct Market Research

    Transforming your idea into a successful business means gathering information about potential customers.

  2. Write Your Business Plan

    Establishing a solid business plan serves as a guideline or blueprint for your business. Your Business Plan should include what your business is (in this case, it is a permanent jewelry business), operation procedures (piercings, jewelry/products, methods you use), and possible future expansion for your products and services (examples include: pop-up shops, collaborations, multiple locations, extended hours, specials, etc.). Touching on knowledge, professionalism, experience, expertise, and talent should all be entwined within your blueprint, offering needed products and requested services to successfully serve your customer base.

  3. Funding Your Business

    Most businesses need additional funds to start. Your business plan will help determine approximately how much funding is needed to get your business off the ground and running. Raising capital or borrowing money via a business loan are common ways to secure funding for your business (for more information, see Fund your business).

    Pepetools provides a multitude of financing options including interest free pay in 4 options. These are able to be viewed at checkout. We offer Afterpay, Klarna, Shop Pay in 4, Affirm, Paypal, and more.

  4. Pick Your Business Location

    It's all about location, location, location! Your location is a direct reflection of any taxes, zoning laws, and other regulations within the area.

    Store Front: If you are planning on having a physical location (commonly referred to as a brick-and-mortar) for your permanent jewelry business, this location must have ample foot traffic and demand for your unique services. Securing a budget-friendly lease for your store where it attracts customers is paramount; placing yourself next to other popular businesses with a steady stream of customers is a bonus.

    Online presence with Pop Ups: If you are planning on conducting business through pop-ups (a popular choice), choosing a domain that is easy to remember with common spelling is also recommended. You can buy your domain from multiple places on the web, such as SquareSpace. Shopify, SquareUp, and Wix are some popular choices for web hosting after you have purchased your domain.

  5. Business Structure

    The legal structure of your business will impact your business registration needs, tax payments, and liability.

    Pro Tip: Not sure what business structure means to your permanent jewelry business? Seeking professional guidance may be the best step when creating the best business structure for your new jewelry business. Following state and government laws, registering the business, acquiring certain permits and licenses, taxes, and meeting other requirements are mandatory.

  6. Business Name, DBA, LLC

    Choosing your permanent jewelry business name is important and not always easy. Reflecting on your personality, what your special jewelry business offers, and market research will assist you in picking your best business name; easy to remember, bespoke, and unique just for you.

    Protecting your business name goes hand-in-hand with building a solid list of repeat clientele as rapport is developed between B2C and/or B2B. Here is a list of things to keep in mind that the SBA has broken down:

    • BUSINESS NAME: Entity name protects you at a state level. Registering your entity name protects your business and prevents other businesses in the state from doing business under the same name. However, there are exceptions to the rule based on state and business structure.
    • TRADEMARKS: Trademarks protect you at a federal level. Registering trademarks with the US Trademark and Patent Office will allow you to protect your business, search existing trademarks, and answer FAQs regarding trademarks.
    • DBA: Doing business as (DBA, fictitious name statement) doesn’t give legal protection, but it might be legally required. Successfully registering a DBA has a few steps which may take several months + fees.
    • WEBSITES: Domain name protects your business website address. Domain names must be frequently renewed as well as your hosting service (see list of choices mentioned above for examples). Check your domain provider for more information so it doesn’t lapse.
  7. Register Your Business

    Registering your permanent jewelry business legally and protecting your brand is a must before conducting any business. Registering with the federal government and state government is required if you are doing business under a different name than your own (DBA). If your permanent jewelry business is structured as a limited liability company (LLC), corporation, partnership, or nonprofit corporation, registering in the state you are operating is required.

  8. Get Federal & Tax IDs

    An employer identification number (EIN) is essential for business tasks like opening a business bank account and paying business taxes; it is like a Social Security number for your business. Some states may also require a separate tax ID.

  9. License & Permits

    Licenses and permits allow you to keep your business running legally. License and permits vary by industry, state, location, and other factors. See your state's official website for correct and current information on any of these topics.

  10. Business Banking

    Your personal money or money coming from other forms of employment should be kept apart from a business checking account. Business checking accounts allow you to keep expenses, legal, and taxes separate from other money. Most banks will require proof your business is properly registered before you open an account.

Please Note: Each state, district, or county may require different licenses and other legalities, so you must do additional research before investing time and money into starting your own permanent jewelry business. Feeling daunted? Check out websites like ZenBusiness or Legal Zoom for more information and assistance.


Permanent jewelry does not pierce or puncture the skin or other parts of the body. It is painless. Permanent jewelry consists of chains soldered from end to end using a welding machine. This procedure removes the need for a lock or clasp, giving the wearer a seamless look of the “forever bracelet.” Permanent jewelry is also easy to remove; contact a jeweler for more information on cutting the chain off and want to preserve the chain for future use.

Taking classes or receiving step-by-step instructions from online videos or classes will teach you the basics of the permanent jewelry business, giving you pertinent information before using welding machines, chains, and other accessories and tools needed.

Investing in your permanent jewelry business is a great way of making your dream come true for jewelry design. Purchasing the correct tools and products will allow you to create these custom-made anklets, bracelets, or necklaces with ease and professionalism.

Starting any business involves extension planning, budgeting, and completing a series of necessary legal activities that are a vital part of making your business legally sound. This article offered some suggestions using the SBA website as guidance.

Permanent jewelry is painless, fun, and exciting to create. Pepe Tools is committed to providing the highest quality tools for your jewelry making.