Smart Flux - Firecoat Protection, Fluoride Free "Prips Flux", 4oz

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Based on the recipe made famous by University of Rochester professor Jack Prip over 50 years ago. Bench Basics has reengineered the formula known as "Prips Flux" to be manufactured with modern methods for a consistent, firecoat protection.

Use when soldering gold, silver, and all non-ferrous metals including nickle silver. Ensure the workpiece is clean from debris for optimal results. Provides excellent firecoat and firescale protection. Heat metal briefly with the torch and apply Smart Flux until a fine layer is achieved. A coat over the entire workpiece is necessary for optimum performance, no bare metal should be visible. Heat until flux dries evenly, do not overheat (flux will turn gold or brown). If under-heated flux will remain liquid in certain spots. Perfect application will result in an even white coating on the entire work piece. Pickle with Bench Basics Smart Pickle after soldering to remove Smart Flux from the workpiece.

  • Gently Brush Metal with Flame
  • Apply Flux Evenly to Metal
  • Coat Entire Piece Until Water Dissolves
  • Thin White Layer Should Appear
  • Do Not Overheat Metal
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