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"I Looked & Compared Many Rolling Mills..... And Decided On Pepetools"

"I Looked & Compared Many Rolling Mills..... And Decided On Pepetools"

Wonderful Review and Video from a Happy Customer

Rose Boye of Hot Tor Studio recently emailed Pepetools her remarks on the new ULTRA Mills. Read her entire unedited email below - reproduced with the permission of Rose Boye.

"A jeweler’s studio is not complete if there isn’t a rolling mill present. I learned that quickly right in the beginning of my journey in the Grand Bazaar district of old Istanbul while watching goldsmiths working with gold and silver. A rolling mill is a-must-have item in any professional studio for those want to take their fabrication to the next level. I’ve been researching and saving for a good rolling mill about 2 1/2 years and have talked to many jewelers around the world to get their feedback on their rolling mills. It is an expensive investment whether you choose an economy mill from India or a very expensive one from England, but worth every penny if your goal is to save time and money end of every fabrication for your client and for yourself. I realized that I must have a rolling mill when I needed to WOW my clients with my workmanship, and also be able to control the precious metal quality right in my own shop. I looked at many rolling mills ranging from economy to high-end, and decided on Pepetools for several reasons: It is an American made and high quality. Also saved quite a bit considering this rolling mill is a high-end manufactured product, but almost half the price of comparable high-end models overseas. The best decision I’ve ever made, and I am known for my indecisiveness when it comes to spending funds on big ticket items. This decision was quick once I started to compare the models, brands with the help of experts via social media.

Do your homework before acquiring big machinery, tools for your studio, just like buying a car, you want the best performance and less maintenance for the money you’ll be spending. Don’t hesitate to reach out to those who are willing to share their experience, don’t be shy asking questions to brands directly, let them know of your mission, your plans on how to use their tools, read reviews, watch videos, ask the experts in our industry, and use the tools at your local jewelry studios by paying hourly studio rates before buying and see it yourself. The best review comes from self-experience while making something. I purchased the Pepetools new 130mm combo rolling mill because I will be casting precious metal to create custom items for my clients, primarily using silver and gold. So far so good, a solid design, very well made rolling mill. I am a happy smith for sure". - Gulsah Boye at Hot Tor Studio, New Jersey

Pepetools is proud to be the only American manufacturer to produce, design, and build rolling mills in the USA.