Tabletop Vacuum Investing and Casting Machine System - KAYACAST

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Invest, vacuum and cast using this one versatile machine. Ideal for casting both perforated and solid flasks (up to 7"H) as well as for vacuuming invested flasks and RTV molds, this compact, powerful investing/casting machine is made with tough, durable components. This machine has a built-in 3cfm vacuum pump and an easy-access port making it simple to add oil or to change the oil completely. Its investment table is a generous 11" x 11" in size. Its 1/2hp motor ensures an efficient, effective vacuum for more defect-free molds and patterns.

Whether you manufacture hundreds of pieces a week or fill custom orders in a studio setting, this is a machine for you. Each machine is made to work better, made to last and made in the USA.

Kit set includes:

  • Tabletop vacuum investing/casting machine
  • one acrylic bottom-draw bell jar, 8"H x 9" dia. ID height of inside straight wall, 4"
  • one investing pad
  • one perforated flask, 4"H x 3-1/2" dia.
  • one pair of flask tongs
  • one adapter plate, 4"
  • one adapter plate, 3-1/2"
  • one solid flask adapter
  • one silicone gasket, 3-1/2" dia., 1/8" thick
  • one silicone gasket, 4" dia., 1/8" thick
  • one solid-flask silicone gasket, 1/8" thick


  • 110 Volts (Single Phase); 60Hz; 6 amps
  • Dimensions : 23"W x 11" D x 14" H
  • Made in USA 🇺🇸
  • Max Flask Size 4" x 7" or 5" x 6"

Looking for a bigger model? Check out the all new Kaya-Cast XL, available here

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