Maker Hammer Set - FRETZ, MKR401-405

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MKR-401 thru MKR-405 Set is a good way of not having to compromise on the textures and forming options that these hammers afford the craftsman. The price of the set also includes a discount that makes the hammers even more affordable.

This 5 piece set includes;

  • PrecisionSmith Planishing Hammer (1.5oz, MKR-401)
  • PrecisionSmith Wide Raising Hammer (1.3oz MKR-402)
  • PrecisionSmith Narrow Raising Hammer (1.1oz MKR-403)
  • PrecisionSmith Large Embossing Hammer (1.2oz MKR-404)
  • PrecisionSmith Small Embossing Hammer (1.1oz MKR-405)
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