Texture Inserts for Hammers FRETZ (MKR-7/HMR-7/HMR-6)-Pepetools

Texture Inserts for Hammers FRETZ (MKR-7/HMR-7/HMR-6)


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The MKR-7/HMR-7/HMR-6 Texture Inserts provide the metalsmith with a wide range of textures using a single hammer at a low cost.


Set includes:

  • HTX-1 Beach Pebbles
  • HTX-2 Linen
  • HTX-3 Rough Slate
  • HTX-4 Walnut Bark
  • HTX-5 Stucco
  • HTX-6 Rainwater
  • HTX-7 Maple Bark
  • HTX-8 Waffle
  • *Wooden stand in photo is not included