Silver Solder Sheet easy medium hard sheet solder
Silver Solder Sheet
Silver Solder Sheet - 30 Gauge, Extra Easy, Medium, Hard (1oz-t)

Silver Solder Sheet - 30 Gauge, Extra Easy, Medium, Hard (1oz-t)


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Silver Sheet Solder

Made in USA from 100% recycled metals

Sheet solder comes in handy sized sheets of 5" X 1" X 0.01" making them easy to handle and sore. Using tin snips it is simple to cut large or small pieces as required. Pepetools offer a wide range of solders to suit most needs. Solder wire is available here.

All sheet and wire solder is sold by the Troy Ounce (31.1g)
( Approximately Four Strips )
The weight of solder may vary slightly according to grade,
but in all cases, you will receive a minimum of
1 Troy Ounce by weight.

Pro tip: - Fringe your solder. Make several short lengthways cuts in one end, to make a fringe. Then whilst placing your finger across the end, snip across the width to create small pallions of solder. Ensure your solder is clearly marked and stored. If you have Karat punches, use these to stamp your solder sheets and larger pieces.

Silver Solder Wire Silver Content Melting Point (°F)
#75 Hard 75% 1,365   °F 740   °C
#70 Medium 70% 1,275   °F 690   °C
#65 Easy 65% 1,240   °F 671   °C
#56 Extra Easy  56% 1,145   °F 618   °C

 Silver solders

*All weights and dimensions given are approximate.