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Cohler Superbrite Rhodium Plating Solutions by KROHN

SUPERBRITE ® produces a brilliant bright white finish at room temperature with a variety of plating ranges without burning the pieces or dulling the brightness. Both pen and bath solutions are equally bright, and when plated together on a piece of jewelry, there is no difference in the appearance. Our unique brightener increases throwing power, speed deposition, and produces a consistent brilliant white finish all with room temperature plating.

Pre-Mixed Rhodium Baths. Everything you need is already mixed into each bottle so this solution is ready- to- use as is. Just pour the rhodium into a beaker or tank and you are ready to start plating.

Available in 1/2 gram half pint, 1 gram pint, 2 gram pint, 2 gram quart, and 4 gram quart bottles.


SuperBlack & Superbrite PEN Plating Solutions

Reg. $0 $1,000 Save $-1,000