Intelligent Plating System - Programmable Rectifiers by Pepetools

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Product No. IPS

Pepetools first introduced a leading line of plating equipment nearly 20 years ago. Every product cycle in this line trumps the previous version by setting a new milestone. This plating system is one of a kind, "CE" certified and Patent Pending internal architechure designed and engineered by Pepetools in the USA!


"IPS" Intelligent Plating System is available in the following configurations;

  • 10A/12V
  • 18A/18V
  • 25A/12V

Each amperage/voltage configuration is available with with the following features;

  • IPS - LITE
    • Fully Digital Display
    • One Button Reverse Polarity
    • Dual Voltage 110/220V
    • Auto Short Protection
  • IPS - PLUS 
    • All of the features of the IPS - LITE
    • Fully programmable features such as
      • Plating voltage and amperage
      • Time to plate (from 1 second to 9 hours and 59 minutes)
      • Reverse polarity time
      • Integrated Amp Hour counter 
      • Storage space for 5 individual programs
      • Each program can store parameters such as;
        • Plating Time
        • Reverse Polarity Time
        • Current Voltage 
        • Current Amperage
        • Start Delay
      • Sequential Programming
        • Set each program (1-5) in order, or any order to run sequentially. Great for large scale operations.
  • IPS - PRO
    • Combines the features of the IPS - LITE & IPS - PLUS
    • Solution Coil Heater that fits into a 1000ML Beaker 
    • Fully programmable heat in either degress Fahrenheit or Celsius
    • Accurate up to +/- 1 degree C/F
    • All in one system that is perfect for rhodium and all other types of plating

Intelligent Plating System - Programmable Rectifiers by Pepetools

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