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Certus Investment Powder | Prestige SPARKLE (100lb Drum) Certus Investment Powder | Prestige SPARKLE (100lb Drum)
Certus Investment Powder | Prestige SPARKLE (100lb Drum)

Certus Investment Powder | Prestige SPARKLE (100lb Drum)


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Product NameCertus Investment Powder | Prestige SPARKLE (100lb Drum)
Country of OriginUSA

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About Certus Investment Powder | Prestige SPARKLE (100lb Drum)

Prestige SPARKLE is a special application, gypsum bonded investment developed by Certus for casting 'Stone in Place' (wax setting). Pre-blended with special, technical grade anti-oxidizing ingredients, SPARKLE forms a reliable, protective barrier (heat shield) that protects diamonds and other expensive stones from clouding, or burning during the burnout and casting process. Engineered with environmentally friendly control chemicals...


    • Uses the highest purity raw materials available
    • Pre-blended premium investment formula for casting 'Stone in Place' (Wax setting)
    • Provides a protective barrier for diamonds. precious and semi precious stones cast in place up to a temperature of 630°C
    • Superior mold strength provides clean, flash free castings from top to bottom of tree
    • Smooth, creamy, easy flow formula provides bubble free castings using normal working times
    • For all non-ferrous metals and gold up to 24K Easier removal and clean up of castings

    'SPARKLE' is compatible with all commonly used jewelry wax pattern materials is highly resistant to thermal shock during burnout and provides the user with smooth, dense, flash free castings that eliminate defects still obtained with other competitive brands.

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