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Full Size Dust Collector with Motor


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Professional Full Size Dust Collector with Motor

  • 32.5"W x 22"L x 11"H
  • Motor  and Shelf Included (15.5"W x 6"L x 9"H)
  • Accessories not included
  • Available in 220V item # 191.100220V

All PepeTools Dust collectors are made of heavy-duty 18 gauge steel. The base comes pre drilled for a variety of motor frame applications. Supplied is a very convenient 2" universal riser for low frame motors. PepeTools Dust collectors come wired for single switch operation. Not only does it come with 2 high capacity fiberglass filters but the top is also removable for easy filter and blower access. This also includes a 110 volt 1/3HP motor with 5"tapered spindles and a 1/2" shaft