MixAmatic/Thermomatic Magnetic Mixer & Immersion Heater

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Product No. 276.1000

Perfect Plating Conditions-Every Time! Dual Voltage 110/230V The Pepe magnetic mixer with immersion heater and temperature control allows you to achieve the precise conditions for perfect plating. The immersion heater fits perfectly into a 1000ml beaker (not supplied) and is connected to the Thermocontrol box, which allows you to quickly set the optimum temperature for the plating solution you have chosen. The "smart" Thermocontrol box is easy to set, and indicates actual temperature and set temperature at a push of a button. When the solution is below optimum temperature, the Thermocontrol activates the immersion heater to bring the temperature up. The Thermocontrol box changes color to let you know that your chosen temperature is achieved and you are ready to plate. It only takes a few minutes to achieve 135F from room temp solution. The magnetic mixer keeps the plating solution properly mixed by using a small magnetic rod that spins at the bottom of the beaker.

MixAmatic/Thermomatic Magnetic Mixer & Immersion Heater

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